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What is the third eye?
Basically, the third eye is the 6th chakra and is the centre for clairvoyance and ‘clear seeing’. The third eye is where you see visions, images and symbols. Although you can’t see your third eye when looking in a mirror, it’s situated between your eyebrows.

Why should I use my third eye?
By opening up your psychic eye and learning how to use it, you can sense higher energies such as spirits and angels, see auras, and connect with your spirit guides.

How can I open up my third eye?
There are countless ways to open up your third eye and the best part is that many of these eye-opening tricks are fun to do!

1. Use essential oils
Essential oils are fantastic tools to use when looking to open, cleanse and balance the chakras. Myrrh, Sandalwood and Chamomile are particularly useful when nurturing the third eye and by placing a few small drops on your forehead, you can gently encourage your 6th chakra to get to work.

2. Meditate
Whether you’re a meditation expert or an absolute beginner, here are a few meditation techniques that can open up your third eye.

Colour meditation – close your eyes and picture a deep blue or purple ball of energy on your forehead where your third eye should be. Hold the ball right there whilst breathing deeply for 10 to 15 minutes.
Crystal meditation – Lie on the floor and meditate with an amethyst crystal resting on your forehead.
3. Teach yourself to breathe properly
Far too many of us are guilty of breathing shallowly rather than using our lungs to their full potential. By training yourself to breathe deeply you can open up and maintain your third eye by pumping it full of oxygen.

4. Learn about auras
Thirds eyes and auras go hand in hand. Your third eye can improve your ability to see auras, while the ability to see auras can help your third eye. It’s one big magical circle! So the question is – which do you need to work on first?

Some people wait until their third eye is already opened before they practice seeing auras, but we recommend gradually teaching yourself to read auras while also practising the steps above. By experimenting with all the tricks above, everything should fall into place.Need a helping hand?


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