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It’s surprising how difficult it can be to find true love. Many of us spend years searching high and low for that special someone to share our lives with. Although it can take a long time for us to find that perfect person, life has a funny way of throwing us in the path of The One eventually.

Wondering whether you’ve found The One? Here are just 5 signs you may have stumbled upon your soulmate:

You can be your real self when you’re with them
Can you be your true self around your partner? If so, this is a great sign. Some people find themselves watering their personalities down and pretending to be someone they’re not in order to impress the person they like. However, unless you’re your true self, your partner can’t really love you. They might love the person you’re pretending to be, but they won’t love you for who you really are.

If your partner loves and accepts you when you’re being your true self, this could be a good sign that you’ve found The One.

You have similar life goals
Unfortunately, loving someone isn’t necessarily a sign that they’re The One. It’s not unusual for happy and loving couples to break up because they want different things. One person in the relationship may dream of travelling the world, while the other person might prefer to stay in one spot and settle down.

If your partner is really The One, they’ll share some of your life goals and they’ll want to experience life by your side. You don’t have to be joined at the hip, nor do you have to be the same as one another, but the dreams that you have need to complement your partner’s ambitions.

You share similar morals
If you and your partner are going to spend your whole lives together, you need to share similar morals and beliefs. If one of you has a strong set of moral values that the other person in the relationship doesn’t agree with, this could be a sign of incompatibility. When you’ve found The One, you should fit together effortlessly.

You’re able to work together to overcome obstacles
Every couple will argue and disagree from time to time. In fact, the occasional squabble can be healthy as it shows that communication is happening. However, if you and your partner find it difficult to make up after an argument or you refuse to work together to overcome each obstacle you encounter, this could be a sign that this person is not The One for you.

When you find The One, you’ll work together to overcome your problems. Rather than running away from disagreements, you’ll adopt a team-mentality and tackle the issue together.

You make each other happy
Do you and your partner make each other happy? Can you make one another laugh even on the darkest of days? If you bring joy to your partner’s life and they know how to make you happy too, this could be a great sign that you’re soulmates.


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