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Have you ever thought that there was something different about you? Do you feel more connected to the world and the people in it? If so, you may be an empath. Here are some strong signs that you may be an empath.

1. You can always tell what someone is really thinking/feeling

Often, empaths can just know what another person is thinking or feeling, without them having to say anything. They can also tell when someone is lying or hiding their real feelings. Empaths have a strong psychic intuition and instinctively know when someone is hurt, angry or down.

2. Crowds of people tend to overwhelm you with their feelings

Empaths can’t always turn their abilities off and on so being in large crowds can be a bit of a struggle for them at times. It’s because they’re surrounded by so many people and are feeling their emotions all at the same time. It can get pretty overwhelming and can cause them to become either over-emotional or completely drained.

3. Films and TV shows affect you more than other people

A lot of the time, empaths don’t even need to be in the same room as someone to feel their emotion. Films and TV shows can affect empaths a lot more than regular people and they can find it hard to disassociate what is going on, on-screen with real life. Watching the news can also be a troublesome time for empaths as emotional stories can stay with them long after they have been broadcast.

4. You suffer from extreme fatigue and/or frequent aches and pains

Being an empath can be tiring. Feeling the emotions of the world can leave empaths extremely fatigued or with aches and pains. They may feel like they need to go lie down in a quiet room just to escape it all. This happens with empaths who haven’t yet got to grips with their talents as they struggle to carry the weight of everyone’s emotional baggage.

5. You take care of others instinctively

Empaths are commonly referred to as the “mothers” of their friendship groups. They are the people that can’t help but take care of people – it’s woven into the fabric of their being. It’s because they can feel more than other people and so can always tell when someone needs a shoulder to cry on or a bit of a boost.

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